Living in Mae Sot.

When we visited the Thai/Burma Area in 2005 we were touched by the plight of the Karen people of Burma. Following other visits we realised that it is the whole Burmese population that is living in fear of the Burmese military regime.For the local Burmese migrant, life is pretty much the same; exploitation by the Thai businesses, harassment by the local police and general poverty. We support local organisations to help individuals and schools in both the MaeSot area and in the Karen State of Burma.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

New Wheelchair for MD

MD is 12 yrs old and lives in the Karen State of Burma near the Thai border about 30Kms south of Mae Sot. MD is unable to walk and attends school by being dragged in a home made cart by her brother. We were approached by the World Education SEN (WE SEN) team to see if we would fund the purchase of a wheelchair for MD to make it easier for her to get around. The wheelchair was delivered by WE SEN team across the small river into Karen State. Whilst the wheelchair is a little big (due to a lack of different sizes available) MD is very happy in her new wheelchair and it makes it easier for her to attend school.

New Ramp at Love and Care Schol

SS has a physical impairment due to an illness when he was very young and has no use in his legs. He lived in Karen State and attended school there. He was carried or moved around by dragging himself using his hands. Whilst travelling to Thailand to try and get to a refugee camp, the truck he was travelling in was involved in an accident killing two fellow students. SS was taken to Love and Care School where he has decided to stay to continue his education. Thant from Ban Thai Guest House was able to provide a wheelchair from a donor. However, Love and Care is situated on a hilly block and has lots of steps so moving around the school is a little difficult in a wheelchair. We approached the headmaster, through the World Education SEN team, to ask if we could build ramps in the school to allow SS to move around independently. Handicap International provided the materials and we paid for the labour for the ramps to be built. This has made a huge difference to SS as he is no longer reliant on other students to move around the school.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Back in Australia!

It has been a very eventful 6 or so weeks. After spending the best part of 2 weeks sprawled out on our backs, and a short hospital stay, with Dengue fever we took our bikes up to the Laos border to get their visas extended. We then went to Chang Mai where we were to attend a VSO meeting. Whilst in Chang Mai Wendy received news of a family illness and we made the decision to return to Australia. After arranging the shipping of the bikes, we flew back to Australia at the end of September. We are currently living with Wendy's mum and dad in Tamworth and waiting for our bikes to arrive. We have been in touch with Education Queensland and are arranging our placements for the start of the new year in January.
We will continue to support our projects in MaeSot and the IDP Schools in the Karen state of Burma. We have many friends in the area who will be looking after the projects and keeping us informed. As we receive information form the border we will keep you all informed.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Stationary is Delivered to Ler Khaw school.

Last week the KED delivered the stationary we have funded to Ler Khaw school. Ler Khaw school is in the Karen state near the Thai/Burma border. The school is fairly unique in that it is supported by groups from both political sides. The school is in a DKBA controlled area and the teachers are funded by the Burmese Education Department. However, the Burmese Government does not supply stationary and in Karen communities such as this, the parents are too poor to buy the pens, pencils etc that the children need to attend school. Hopefully, initiatives like this will begin to unite the Karen groups which will strengthen the resistance against the regime. The KED delivered exercise books, pens, pencils, coloured pencils, scissors and other classroom materials. Each child was also supplied with toiletries which will be used in school to teach personal hygiene. Many thanks to everyone who has donated to ensure that these children have access to an education!